Electronic Cigarette CE4 Blister kit eCigarette kit with Battery Atomizer Vape Pen



Atomizer(ce4 ):

* With dual hole no cotton thread design

* Large amount of smoke,100% no leaking and no burning taste

* No tar and other cancer causing substances

* No second-hand smoke, environmental protection

* Atomizer Capacity: 1.6ml

* Long wick

Battery(ego t ):


1.Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V

2. Battery life: more than 300 times

3. Its voltage is not changeable

4.Puffs per full 650mah battery:900 puffs
5.Capacity of ego t battery:650mah,900mah,1100mah

How to usd:

Turn of/off

Pressing the battery button five times in 2 Seconds.

When the battery is On/Off, the button flashes 3 times