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Due to the recent success of our bizarro liquid incense we decided to push the brand forward & keep it separate for our herbal incense business. Bizarro 3.0 Double Dose is finally here! We promised to double dose our next batch & we kept our word! Our team is formulating our next batch! Yes were talking about the DOUBLE DOSE! We named it Bizarro 3.0! Their will be alot of testing & trials as long as we make sure its at least 35% more potent than Bizarro 2.0! Yes we may lose some profit but as long as we provide quality which is more important to us for the long term.

We will choose Quality over profit anyday! Our  Bizarro Juice 2.0 is Rated the #1 Liquid Zensense product on the internet! These bad boys have been flying off the shelves like crazy these this year! So you know the bizarro 3.0 will not disappoint! We already have many returning customers & the potency didn’t even reach its peek yet! This product is Designed for Electronic Vaporizing Devices! We Guarantee our Liquid blends are the hottest on the internet! We ship to all 49 states except NY due to recent bans. Please note liquid k2 is intended for moderate use only, using on a daily basis can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Due to the increase in demand we wont be shipping 5ml bottles anymore as it is too much work and time consuming. So all orders will be shipping in 1oz 30ml bottles for $99 yes thats $50 off since the retail price is $150! we sold bizzaro e liquid on our other sites but dont be fooled this is not the same bizarro e juice! we had plenty of requests from our customer to make it stronger & make it a longer lasting high, & we heard your voices! we went back to the lab & cooked up some of the strongest  formulas ever with 98% potency guaranteed ready for 2017! We are proud to say that are re-stocked up for 2017 ready to provide you the very best potent herbal incense Aroma Therapy available. Our 2017 updated formula for all of our blends make us outstandingly popular when it comes to giving our users the very best Liquid the they desire.  


Liquid Herbal Incense LIMITED EDITION Bizarro K2 E liquid 100% Legal Herbal K2